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School Information

Once your child is a student at Bambini Kids there are some things you'll want to know...


If your child is not eligible for the ECCE Scheme, or you do not wish to avail of it, you will need to indicate the number of mornings you wish for your child to attend preschool and consult the fees schedule below for information on the applicable scale.



2 Days a week €100 per month

3 Days a week €150 per month

4 Days a week €200 per month

5 Days a week €250 per month


Fees are worked out on a school year annual basis and then divided between the number of months to give an even figure. It remains this fee each month, between September and June regardless of the number of holidays in that month or the school days attended.

2010 - present

Healthy Eating at School

At Bambini Kids in conjunction with the Health Board we encourage a healthy eating policy in our classroom. As such we would ask that you do not include crisps, sweets, biscuits or fizzy drinks in your child's lunch. 


Our health policy can be viewed at any time on the school premises.

Positive Behaviour Policy

2010 - present

We respect that at times children behave in a challenging way for a variety of reasons. Challenging behaviour is natural in certain stages of development. Some examples of challenging behaviour that we might encounter are:

Biting, kicking, hitting, screaming, name calling, running in the classroom, climbing on furniture, shouting or being disrespectful to school material, other children or adults.


Strategies for Behaviour Management

  • All children involved in a challenging situation will be supported on a one to one basis.

  • Explanations for challenging unwanted behaviours and attitudes will be made clear to the children.

  • Staff will use simple language, speak calmly and quietly to the children when dealing with these      situations.

  • Staff will demonstrate respect and empathy by listening and showing concern.

  • By offering alternatives; positive behaviour is encouraged and helps to teach children about the value of compromise.

  • Observations will help determine the frequency of events and the course of action to be taken.

  • Involving the child's parents and other appropriate adults if necessary.

  • Books and activities will be available to help the children explore and name their feelings, where appropriate; in conjunction with an adult. 

  • Our Behaviour Management Policy can be viewed on the school premises at any time.

Safe Collection & Drop Off

In the interest of safety, please bring your child into the school in the morning. We would ask you not to leave them at the playground gate. At collection time, please hold your child's hand while returning to your car. Please bear in mind that collection and drop-off are the busiest times of the day and cars are turning and reversing. Your child is below the height of most drivers rear view. 

Policies & Procedures

All of Bambini Kids Montessori Preschool's Policies & Procedures are available to view on our premises in our preschool in Tulla. 

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