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One of the highlights of our school year for children, parents and teachers alike is our end of year nativity play.


This simple production is based around the traditional Christmas story and enthralls the children. It's a beautiful opportunity for the parents to see their children interacting in the school environment and a lovely end to the calendar year for us all.

Christmas Production


At the end of the school year, we bring in a photographer and take an individual portrait shot of your child in our graduation outfit and a class group photograph of them and their friends.


These photos are free of charge and presented to the children on their last day along with a keepsake graduation certificate and some other gifts from us. 

St. Patrick's Day

Each year we make our own costumes and enter the Tulla St. Patrick's Day Parade with a group of whichever of our children wish to join in.


It's important to us that we encourage the children to be involved in their local community.


Back to Nature

At Bambini Kids, we encourage the children to get involved in their environment.


As part of this, each spring we plant window boxes together and learn about the growth cycle.


Once the weather is warmer, we go on 'Nature Explorations' to collect samples, take bark rubbings and discover the natural world.


Every Halloween we talk about the traditional Irish Festival and on the last day of school before the Halloween holidays we have a 'dress-up' party.


Great fun for all!

Fun Friday

On Fridays we have a fun day. We try to divert from the normal school routine and do something new and exciting.


The day this photograph was taken, we built a rocketship and travelled to outer space.


On other 'Fun Fridays' we incorporate things like music lessons, sand play and abstract art.

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