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Full Daycare Service, After-School & Breakfast Club

At Bambini Kids we offer a full daycare service from 8.00am each morning to 6.00pm each evening in our second building also located on Church Rd. Your child can avail of the full service or a slightly older child can avail of childcare after-preschool, after National school or whichever service suits you best. Flexible, individual arrangements can be made to suit you. The most important things to us are happy children and parents.

Full Daycare Service

We are open at 8am and can provide full daycare for your child aged from five months to twelve years.


We start by welcoming children and providing them with breakfast, then our daycare group go into our soft playroom until midday when we move into the large preschool building for an afternoon of socialising and play.


We provide nutritious snacks throughout the day. Parents can choose to send in one prepared meal to be served warm to their child during the day if they wish.


Our childcare environment is warm and friendly, with fully qualified and experienced staff members.


Please feel free to call in to view our service or for more information at any time.

Breakfast Club

If your working arrangements mean you need to leave earlier than your child can be dropped to school, you may like to avail of our breakfast club.


Open from 8am, you can drop off your child at our convieniently located premises and relax, knowing that we will provide them with a nutritious breakfast, make sure they're ready for the day and drop them to school on time. 

Fees & Operating Hours

Our full daycare service is open for 10 hours per day from 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday. We are open for 49 weeks per year. We close for public holidays, one week during the Christmas holidays and two weeks over the summer.


Full daycare is €150.00 per week for children aged over one (individual daily rate €32.00) and €170.00 per week for infants under one (individual daily rate €38.00). This fee is payable in advance weekly or monthly for 49 weeks regardless of attendance.


Attending Breakfast Club with optional school drop-off costs €5.00 per day required, payable in advance weekly or monthly.


After preschool service is €20.00 per day required, payable in advance weekly or monthly.


After national school service is €15.00 per day required, payable in advance weekly or monthly.




After-School Service & Homework Club

If your child is of preschool or national school going age, we can cater for them with our after-school service.


If they have homework, our staff will make sure they have help to get this done while they are here, they will also be provided with nutritious snacks or a meal sent from home.


If you need your child collecting from school, we can arrange that too. This service is open until 6pm daily.

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